How To Use A Quilting Frame

If you are looking to make a hand crafted quilt you need to learn how to use a quilting frame properly. This is not a difficult task but can seem to be really daunting to the beginning quilter. This article will outline the simple steps to using a quilting frame so that you can make the best quilts possible.

Instructions To Using A Quilting Frame

The following instructions are for using a quilting frame, not a machine quilting frame. The first thing you need to do is prepare your project. You do this by tracing your pattern onto the quilt or the backing that you are planning to make. This outline will help guide your stitching and therefore should be visible from the top of the quilting frame once the project has been loaded onto it.

You are going to want to use a quilting frame with three poles to eliminate the basting step required by most projects. This kind of frame has the batting and fabric loaded onto two separate rails. The layers are then quilted together then placed onto the third rail which maintains tension during the entire project.

You also need to understand that you have several options in frames with regard to how much tension you apply. A ratchet system can be used. In this type of system spaced teeth are used to adjust the tension with stoppers. The other option is to go with a friction lock system. This type of system is much more adjustable since the finger holds are used to adjust the tensions, but it is a lot more difficult to employ especially for one person or single item projects.

After you have selected the quilting frame to use, you can now load the quilt layers on it. It is important that all the layers are put on properly so that the finished product will look right. You will want to work from the center out to make sure that the quilt layers are smooth and well put together. Make sure that your design lines up properly with the front of the frame as this will keep you from stitching outside the line as well as maintain the right amount of tension for the entire project.

One last piece of advice, remember when you are done using your quilting frame make sure to store it properly so that it does not lose its shape.

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